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At Lending Works we love data, so we've provided some interesting facts and figures about our performance for you to dig through.

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Total amount lent £216,550,024
Total amount under management £68,257,735
Total number of loans 34,539
Data below correct up to 30/06/2020 | Q3 2020 update due by 31/10/2020


This section allows you to assess our track record of delivering consistent returns to investors. Our leading metric is the 'Expected annual return' received by investors over the lifetime of the loans in their portfolio, which should be considered alongside risk metrics when analysing the performance of your investment.
Expected annual return Expected annual investor return, by year of origination. In Q2 2020 expected returns have decreased in line with an increase in expected annual losses in the active loans portfolio, in particular within the most recent cohorts i.e. 2018 and 2019.
Weighted average APR Average APR by year of origination, weighted by loan principal amount. We’ve prudently expanded our risk appetite and average APR to meet demand from a wider pool of borrowers. Average APR in 2020 reduced as we tightened our lending criteria to reduce exposure to higher-risk segments.
Expected annual loss rate Expected annual loss rate, by year of origination. Loss rates have increased in Q2 2020, in line with recent portfolio performance and macroeconomic conditions. Loss rate ranges narrow as each cohort reaches maturity e.g. 2014 cohort.
Lifetime default rate Lifetime default rate by months on book, excluding recoveries. Lifetime default rates have increased over time, in line with our risk appetite expansion. We expect lifetime default rates for 2018 and 2019 to track broadly in line with 2017.

Lending Works Shield

Total amount outstanding
(covered by the Shield)
Shield cash balance
(0.67% of total amount outstanding)
Shield future income
(10.23% of total amount outstanding)

The Lending Works Shield is funded by a share of the arrangement fees and a proportion of the interest payable on the loan portfolio (known as net interest margin). As such, the cash balance does not reflect the overall loss coverage. Out of all active loans, 0.82%, of the outstanding borrowing has been paid by the Shield.

The Shield cash balance is the actual amount of cash currently held by Lending Works Trustee Limited to cover missed payments and defaults as they arise. The balance is topped up each day as loan repayments are made by borrowers.

For more information about our Q2 2020 credit performance and an update on the Lending Works Shield please click here.


Number of investors 7,051
Average investor lent value £28,651
Average loans per investor 467


Average income of borrowers £42,765/annum
Average loan size £6,540
Average loan term 50 months
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Performance and Lending Works Shield statistics are based on Lending Works loans funded by consumer lenders only. Investors and Loans statistics are based on all loans, including those funded by the institutional lenders. Data is from Lending Works.

Our statistics are updated on a quarterly basis as per the FCA requirement. The lender dashboard will reflect the updated annual expected returns received by investors over the lifetime of the loans in their portfolio at the beginning of August 2020.