How lending works

Simply create your account, transfer in your money, choose your rate and we'll take care of the rest.

1. Create your account

Register online in 2 minutes
by filling in our simple signup form.

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2. Securely transfer your money

Start lending from as little as £10 by transferring
your money securely via bank transfer.

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3. Choose your rate

Choose your rate

Decide how long you wish to lend your money out for:

Want more flexibility?

Choose our 3 year rate by lending on loans of up to 3 years

Want higher interest?

Choose our 5 year rate by lending on loans of 4 and 5 years

Want both the increased flexiblity and higher interest rate? Split your money across the two rates. You're in control.

4. Manage your monthly repayments

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Grow your money further

Set up your account to automatically re-lend your repayments, so your interest earns interest too. You can also choose your re-lending terms: 3 year lending, 5 year lending or any combination of the two.

Take your repayments as income

Alternatively, set up your account to automatically transfer your repayments straight into your bank account, either weekly or monthly. You can choose to withdraw interest only, or the full repayments. Prefer a more hands-on approach? Turn off all automatic settings and manage your account manually. The choice is yours.

5. Enjoy watching your money grow

You're all set up.

What happens next? Your offers will be placed in the queue to be matched with creditworthy borrowers. You'll be able to manage your offers and see exactly how long we anticipate it will take to match your money. As soon as you're matched, watch your money grow!

Need to get hold of your money quickly?

For a small fee of 0.6% or £20, whichever is greater, you can take some – or all – of your money back early, provided we can find another lender to step in and take over your loans.