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Our multi-award winning Customer Service team was again voted "highly commended" in the Most Trusted Personal Loan Provider category at the 2016 Moneywise Customer Service Awards.

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Every stage of the application from applying to receiving the cash was extremely straightforward. The staff are so professional and offer a truly personal service.

“Rates far better than  you’ll get from any bank”
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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I borrow money for? 

You can borrow money for most things, including:

  • A car or vehicle
  • Home improvements
  • Debt consolidation
  • A special event such as a wedding or holiday
  • Any other reasonable purpose

Will applying for a loan affect my credit score? 

You can receive a free personalised loan quote without any impact on your credit file. If you are happy with your personalised loan quote and wish to accept your loan, this will leave a footprint on your credit file to let other lenders know you have a loan with us. Having too many recent credit searches registered against your name can affect your credit score and ability to receive credit in the future.

How is the APR calculated? 

APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is a term used to define how much a loan will cost you. It includes all fees and interest that you will pay over the term of your loan. The APR is a helpful way to compare how much a Lending Works loan will cost you in comparison to other lenders.

Will lenders know who I am? 

No. Our platform is fully anonymous and will always be that way. We value the privacy of our customers and the information they provide to us very highly, and so have gone to great lengths to ensure that this information is always secure. Please click here to read our Privacy Policy.

What happens if I miss a repayment? 

If you miss a scheduled repayment we will send you an email to let you know and then allow up to five working days with no charge for you to make the payment. If you have not made the payment within five working days, a charge of £15 plus VAT may be added onto your debt and we will contact you again to arrange payment.

In collecting borrowers’ debts we may instruct our debt collections agency, Daniels Silverman, to act on behalf of our lenders to ensure their money is repaid. The money we are collecting is that of our lenders, who have invested their savings in lending to you. It is therefore important that we focus on making sure every penny owed to lenders is repaid.

Missing loan repayments or going into default on your loan is extremely negative for your credit history and may cause you problems in obtaining credit in the future.

Is it possible to cancel my loan agreement? 

You can cancel your loan agreement at any time within the first 14 days without charge, by contacting us and then repaying the funds which were originally paid into your account. You will need to make this payment within 30 days of notifying us of your cancellation request.

If you wish to cancel your loan agreement after 14 days, you can request a loan settlement figure from your Lending Works account at any time. Once you have repaid the outstanding balance in full, your loan will be repaid. Your settlement figure will include any interest accrued since your last repayment.

Can I change my monthly repayment date? 

Yes you can. Once your loan has been approved you can change your monthly repayment date by following the process set out in your Lending Works account or by calling our customer service team on 020 7096 8512.

We'll adjust the first scheduled repayment on your new repayment date to account for any change in interest as a result of either shortening or extending the overall term of your loan. You will be advised of any changes to your scheduled repayments at the time of processing your request.

Why did Lending Works decline my loan application? 

Lending Works assesses all borrowers for affordability and creditworthiness, in addition to verifying identities and checking fraud databases. Should we decide that the loan you have applied for stretches your finances too thinly or we find that your credit history does not meet our minimum standards, we will decline your loan.

In this case, we are unable to explain to you why we declined your loan. Instead, we recommend that you complete a personal credit search to make sure your credit history is as strong as possible.

Find out more about taking out a loan with us in our Borrower Help Centre.