Lending Works

  1. Why we exist

    Lending Works was born out of the belief that the benefits of financial services should be available to everyone. Welcome to fair financial services.

    Lending Works isn’t like old fashioned financial services companies. We seamlessly connect people that want to invest their money with sensible borrowers who want to get a better rate on their personal loan, so both can get a better deal. Rather than focusing exclusively on profits, we focus on being fair, transparent and honest. These values not only make us proud of the way we treat our customers, but also help us to set a new standard in financial services.

    Having observed the impact of the 'fair trade' movement, and how connecting people directly via the internet had already transformed other industries, co-founders Nick and Matt set out to bring this change to financial services. They quickly realised that all people really wanted from financial services was a fair deal. And so the idea for Lending Works was born.

    Through many months of hard work, the Lending Works idea grew from a basic concept on the back of an envelope into a dynamic business, which finally launched in January 2014 from a little office in Farringdon, London. Since mastering the art of office furniture assembly, Nick and Matt have taken on new responsibilities, namely the roles of CEO and CFO, and brought in a talented team to drive Lending Works forward. While the Lending Works team continues to grow rapidly, they are still relentlessly focused on pioneering fair financial services that people love.

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  2. Our vision

    To pioneer fair financial services that people love.

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  3. Our mission

    We will achieve our vision by putting 'fair' first and constantly innovating to offer the best possible user experience. Our relentless focus on outstanding customer service, honesty and transparency will ensure our customers love using Lending Works and trust the services that we offer, while our focus on living our company values will ensure our employees and partners feel enriched, valued and rewarded.

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  4. Peer-to-peer lending explained

    Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending involves matching people looking for a better return on their money directly with creditworthy borrowers seeking a low-cost personal loan, through an online platform like Lending Works, so both parties get a much better deal. By cutting out the bank in the middle, lenders benefit from great returns and help people do things like buy a car, improve their home or pay off some expensive credit cards, while borrowers benefit from extremely competitive loan rates. Peer-to-peer lending companies like Lending Works facilitate this entire process end to end, thus making it a safe, efficient and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

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