Meet the team

Our highly experienced Board and senior leadership team bring a wealth of knowledge and industry experience and drive our vision to pioneer fair financial services that people love.

People and governance

Lending Works' biggest strength is its team. Everything we do is researched, designed and implemented by one of our talented colleagues, therefore we place a significant emphasis on finding people with the right skills, values and experiences to support the business. It is also our people that drive our governance, including performing effective risk management and ensuring our business is robust and resilient.

Board of directors

The board of directors is responsible for overall governance of the company. Many of the board members are FCA approved persons, as is a requirement for them to fulfil their role at Lending Works.

  • team member photo - Simon Waugh
    Simon Waugh
    Chairman and board member

    Simon's extensive experience in executive and non-executive roles at firms such as British Gas, The AA, Goldfish, Saga, CMC Markets and others, gives him the skills required to assist the executives in achieving Lending Works' objectives, and to Chair the company’s Board of directors. Like Nick and Matt, Simon is passionate about customers and Lending Works' values.

    Simon is Chairman of Lending Works, a Board member of Lending Works Trustee and a member of the risk and audit committee.
  • team member photo - Nick Harding
    Nick Harding
    Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

    After studying Computer Science at university then joining NatWest, Nick was well placed to see the potential of applying a modern, technology-led and customer focussed approach to financial services. Nick is fanatical about customer experience and achieving Lending Works' vision.

    Nick is Group CEO, a Board member of Lending Works, Lending Works Capital and Lending Works Trustee, and a member of the credit risk committee, risk committee and risk and audit committee.
  • team member photo - Matthew Powell
    Matthew Powell
    Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer

    After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant at EY, Matthew spent almost a decade working with clients across a range of sectors, including FTSE 100s and multinationals, before co-founding Lending Works.

    Matthew is Group CFO, a Board member of Lending Works, Lending Works Capital and Lending Works Trustee, and a member of the credit risk committee, risk committee and risk and audit committee.
  • team member photo - Ines Maia
    Ines Maia
    Chief Risk Officer

    As Chief Risk Officer, Ines leads the development and implementation of our risk management approach alongside with first line credit and fraud risk responsibilities. Ines has more than 10 years of international experience specialising in portfolio credit risk, decisioning and analytics across unsecured retail products. Ines joined Lending Works from TSB, where she was Senior Portfolio Manager for Personal Loans, having previously spent a number of years working within financial services with Deloitte.

    Ines is Group CRO a Board member of Lending Works Trustee and a member of the credit risk committee, risk committee and risk and audit committee.
  • team member photo - Jonathan Kramer
    Jonathan Kramer
    Chief Operating Officer

    Jonathan spent the first 15 years of his career in investment banking before joining the world of fintech at Zopa, where he established their capital markets business and latterly served as President. Jonathan’s responsibilities at Lending Works include people strategy and institutional lending, and he is passionate about building great teams that achieve outsized results.

    Jonathan is Group COO, and Managing Director and member of the Board of Lending Works Capital.
  • team member photo - Andrew Doman class=
    Andrew Doman
    Board member

    Andrew is an experienced non-executive director who has held Chairman, CEO or Board member roles at Castle Trust, Target Group, OneSavings Bank, Premium Credit and Russell Investments. Prior to these roles, Andrew spent 22 years at McKinsey & Co, where his clients included a number of leading UK and European financial services companies. He has degrees in Medicine & Surgery and Economics, and also holds an MBA.

    Andrew is Chairman of Lending Works Capital.

Senior leadership team

As well as Nicholas Harding (CEO) and Matthew Powell (CFO), the following team members make up Lending Works' senior leadership team. This team is responsible for the day to day running of the company, as well as being members of different committees within the firm's governance framework.

  • team member photo - Felipe Farfan
    Luis Felipe Farfan
    Chief Technology Officer

    Felipe has almost two decades of experience in technology and development roles across North America, South America and Europe within sectors such as Finance, Gaming, Marketing, Media and TV. Felipe holds a Computer Science Engineering degree from Universidad de San Buenaventura, Colombia, and is passionate about the application of technology to financial services.

    Felipe is CTO and a member of the risk committee.
  • team member photo - Richard Litchfield
    Richard Litchfield
    Head of Operations and People

    Richard is responsible for Operations at Lending Works, which includes Customer Experience, Loan Underwriting, Quality and Collections. Prior to joining Lending Works, Richard worked for Nationwide in senior operational roles focusing on service improvement, underwriting and fraud.

    Richard is Head of Operations and People and a member of both the credit risk committee and the risk committee.
  • team member photo - William Rist
    William Rist
    Head of Personal Loans
    William has over a decade’s experience in banking, having started his career with Barclays where he held several leadership positions in their consumer banking division. William joined Lending Works in 2016 and now leads the Personal Loans function.


Lending Works' governance framework pursues the effective control of the risk profile within the risk appetite approved by the Board while enabling fast, efficient decision making with a minimum of bureaucracy and waste.

The Board meets every month to review performance, strategy, risk and governance while delegates authority to four committees:

  • Credit Risk Committee is chaired by our Head of Risk (first line capacity for credit risk). This committee is responsible for managing Lending Works portfolio in line with risk appetite.
  • Risk Committee is run by our Head of Risk (second line capacity). This committee is responsible for providing oversight to risk management practices, reviewing management’s recommendations on managing and mitigating current and future risks as well as providing second-line oversight to first-line decisions.
  • Risk and Audit Committee is run by our Chairman. This committee makes sure our internal audit function and risk controls are effective and independent from the business.
  • Shield Board Committee is run by our Chairman. This committee provides oversight to the application of the Lending Works Shield while managing any conflicts of interest between Lending Works and Lending Works Trustee.