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We finance small-ticket and big-ticket purchases, from bike locks to bathrooms.

What is retail finance and how could offering finance increase your revenue?

By giving your customers more ways to buy, they're better placed to make tomorrow's purchase today. What's more, you deal directly with us, not middlemen, so you get great rates and your shoppers enjoy a world-class experience. Our cutting edge retail finance platform is designed to give you all of the tools you need, plus your customers a market-leading customer experience. We offer two products to our retail partners, as outlined below.

Boost your sales

Pay in 3

Offer retail finance on small basket sizes

Split small purchases into 3 interest-free payments

Purchases from £50

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Boost your sales

Flexi Finance

Retail finance from 6 to 60 months

Interest-free or interest-bearing

Purchases from £250

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Why Lending Works

Boost your sales

Turbo-charge your sales

According to Forrester, offering point-of-sale finance can increase sales by 17% and order value by 15%, on average. And with a retail finance platform like ours which is packed with innovative features, you can expect better than average.
Source: Forrester

Boost your sales

Customers love us

Both you and your customers will enjoy a seamless experience - be that online, in-store or over the phone. That’s why we’re rated 9.7 out of 10 on Trustpilot, and have an NPS score of +83. Just like you, we are passionate about world-class customer experience.

Boost your sales

Rocket science made simple

Our integration takes days, not months, and we support you all the way. View all your sales on one easy-to-use online account, or connect by API. What's more, behind the scenes our data scientists are continually optimising our models to maximise customer conversion rates. Plus, our retail finance platform is packed with features:

- Customer applications can take less than 2 minutes
- Soft credit check and instant decision
- Can be used in store, online, phone and email
- Zero deposit available (subject to discretionary approval)

What is Lending Works?

Lending Works is the UK’s leading disrupter at providing loans to consumers via partnerships with businesses. We offer retail finance and personal loans via four different channels.

We’re passionate about what we do. This passion is driven by taking pride in our customer and partner experience, and having strong values. Combined with our cutting edge technology and data science, we this makes Lending Works a great partner for businesses like yours.

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“The Lending Works platform is easy to work with. Having used complex, difficult to use platforms in the past, this makes the whole application process a breeze for us, and most importantly our customers.”

Daniel O’Farrell, Daniel Christopher Jewellery

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Retail Finance FAQ's

What is retail finance?

Retail finance is the provision of consumer credit at the point of purchase/checkout. Rather than leaving the customer to seek external finance, or make use of a credit card, a retailer incorporates a credit administration system into the customer journey. Retail finance usually comes in the form of interest-free credit, interest-bearing loans or ‘buy now, pay later’ arrangements. 

For more details please read: What Is Retail Finance? | Lending Works Retail Finance Insights

Is retail finance the same as point of sale finance?

Point-of-sale finance, retail finance, customer finance; whichever you term you choose, the definition is much the same. As opposed to traditional credit, point-of-sale finance allows a customer to apply for an instant loan for a specific purchase from a specific retailer allowing them to spread the cost of their purchase.

Is retail finance the same as buy now, pay later?

Buy now pay later is a type of retail finance. It enables your customer to buy something now and defer payment until a later date. This allows the customer to save up money for the repayments whilst still completing the purchase now.

How to offer retail finance

Offering retail finance to your customers can be the difference between an abandoned cart and a converted sale. The most common methods are to enable RF at the checkout for both in store an online purchases.  A simple e-commerce integration can enable RF from your checkout and for in store, accessing an easy to use application system  via a tablet computer is ideal.

Can I offer interest free credit?

Yes, as long as you have a suitable retail finance provider who has satisfied themselves that you meet their partnership criteria.  A responsible RF provider will carry out due diligence checks to confirm that finance and compliance standards are met and many will also have thresholds around finance volume and/or turnover.  Interest free credit can be offered up to a maximum of 12 months without FCA authorisation.

Are there risks to retail finance?

As with any form of lending, there are risks associated with Retail Finance in that it can put financial pressure on the customer over time (or bring about risk of default to the lender).  Perhaps, a better question to ask is whether these risks are more significant than, say, those associated with taking out a personal loan or credit card.  A responsible RF provider will carry out credit and affordability checks before approving the provision of credit.

How does point of sale finance impact my sales?

According to Forrester, offering point-of-sale finance can increase sales by 17% and order value by 15%, on average.  Other studies have reported increases in sales of up to 65%.  When deciding whether to make a purchase, one of the biggest factors a consumer will consider is the price.  If this price can be broken into smaller parts, then the price immediately looks more attractive. For example,  A product priced at £1200, will look much more affordable if offered at £100 over 12 payment instalments.

Do I need FCA authorisation to provide pay by finance?

Retail finance can be offered without FCA Authorisation as long as the loan meets the below criteria:

Interest Free (0% APR)

Repaid in 12 or fewer monthly instalments

How easily can I setup point so sale finance on my e-commerce platform?

E-commerce integration is quick and simple with our modular approach.  Plug-ins are available for many of the most common e-commerce platforms and our API and Custom Framework enable multiple ways to build a seamless integration with your online store.

How long does the application process take?

Applications can be completed in less than 2 minutes, including a soft-credit check and electronic completion of the loan agreement.  No paperwork is required and the customer automatically receives an email confirming the loan agreement and all the information they need to manage the repayments.