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No more fees for lending

Lending Works is pleased to announce that lenders will no longer be charged for lending money on the Lending Works peer-to-peer lending platform.

The decision to entirely remove fees for lenders comes after HMRC clarified the tax treatment of P2P income. HMRC has confirmed that, from 6 April 2015, the amount lenders are required to declare is the full amount of interest arising in the tax year. This means the gross amount of interest paid under their loan agreements without any deductions for any fees or charges imposed by the platform or other party.

In order to ensure our lenders are not negatively impacted by this clarification, we have removed all lending fees. If you lend with other fee-charging platforms from April 2015 you will therefore incur a higher tax charge on the same net income, so you should consider this when comparing advertised returns.

This is great news for our lenders all round, who benefit from higher returns and an added tax saving whilst still benefitting from the market leading lender protection of the Lending Works Shield.

It is also worth noting that you can now shield your P2P income from tax courtesy of the Innovative Finance ISA.

Need more information?

For more information about paying tax on your peer-to-peer lending interest, see our Quick guide to paying tax on P2P income.

If you would like further information please get in touch with us using the contact details listed in the Contact Us page.

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