Refer a Friend - Terms and Conditions

Throughout these Terms and Conditions the person making the referral will be known to as the 'Referrer' and the person receiving the invitation will be known as the 'Referee'.

Now to the legal bit:

  1. This Refer-A-Friend Programme, from now on referred to simply as 'The Programme', will start on 28th July 2015 - the 'Promotional Period'.
  2. The Referrer will be eligible to receive a Referral Bonus for each Referee who creates a new Lending Works account and lends at least £1,000 on the Lending Works platform.
  3. The Referee will be eligible to receive the Referee Bonus once the Referee has created a new Lending Works account and lends at least £1,000 on the Lending Works platform.
  4. For the avoidance of doubt, the Referee's funds are considered to be lent when the Referee's lending offers have been matched to borrowers and the funds are showing as 'on loan'.
  5. Bonuses will be credited to the recipient's Lending Works account no later than the business day following the fulfillment of the eligibility criteria listed above.
  6. Bonuses will be available for further lending or withdrawal.
  7. The Referrer can refer as many friends as they like as there is no cap on Referral Bonuses.
  8. Use of a false name or address will result in a void referral.
  9. If the Referee uses the Quick Withdraw facility to exit some or all of their loans early, within the first 6 months, Lending Works reserves the right to deduct any Bonus from the balance of both the Referrer's, as well as the Referee's capital.
  10. The Referrer must already hold a Lending Works account.
  11. The Referee must not be an existing customer.
  12. To ensure the Referrer and Referee both receive their Bonus, the Referee needs to use the same device and browser when clicking on the referral link and when creating their Lending Works account.
  13. The Referee may be referred by more than one Referrer. If the Referee a) fulfills the criteria to receive the Referee Bonus and b) uses the same device and browser, the Bonus will be given to the Referrer whose link the Referee first clicked on. Under any other circumstances the Referrer, and possibly the Referee, might not receive their Bonus.
  14. Lending Works reserves the right to withdraw or amend the terms of this Promotion at any time without prior written notice. 


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