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  • Up to 3 years
  • Up to 5 years

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  • Market leading protection

    The only peer-to-peer lender with insurance against borrower defaults, fraud and cybercrime. As with all forms of lending, capital is at risk.

  • Inflation beating returns

    Great returns with no banks and no fees for lending

  • Flexibility

    Access your money early using Quick Withdraw

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How does the Shield protect your money?

There are a million things to worry about every day. Lending money shouldn’t be one of them. We protect lenders against borrowers defaulting for any reason, including:

  • Fraud or cybercrime

  • Accident, sickness or death

  • Redundancy or loss of employment

100% money safely returned to lenders

Insurance cover

Unique to Lending Works

A reserve fund

Whilst the Lending Works Shield protects our lenders, it does not remove our borrowers’ repayment obligations which remain due and recoverable by Lending Works. As with all forms of peer-to-peer lending, capital is at risk.

What are the Statistics?


0.0% Actual arrears

£2,633,097 Money lent

£114,000 Reserve Fund which covers arrears


0.0% Actual defaults

1.54% Expected defaults

Insurance which covers defaults

We’ve taken the belt and braces approach to protecting your money. We’ve combined our Reserve Fund - which is used to cover any missed or late loan payments (arrears) - with our unique insurance cover which protects you against loan defaults, so you receive exactly what you’re expecting. No other peer-to-peer lender offers this.

Lending Works is a member of the P2PFA. Our statistics are calculated in accordance with P2PFA standards.


Our market leading return is Rate Locked

Introducing Rate Lock, a market-beating interest rate offer available for a limited time. Due to surging demand from high quality borrowers we are pleased to announce we will lock lender returns so you can rest assured you will get a great return. No other fees apply, the rate displayed is the rate you get. As with all forms of peer-to-peer lending, capital is at risk.

  • Rates are locked until Sunday 1st March 2015
  • Easily access your money early using Quick Withdraw
  • Your money is protected by the Lending Works Shield

At least 5% Up to 3 Years

At least 6% Up to 5 Years


Eric, London

”Quick and simple to register and transfer money in. My money was quickly lent at a very good rate for 5 years, way better than my bank.“

Eric, London


Nick, Surrey

”After several years of very low returns from banks and building societies, I am happy to be earning from this investment.“

Nick, Surrey

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”The Shield offers threefold protection against defaults, fraud and cybercrime“