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Lending Works is a peer-to-peer lender which matches shrewd lenders with thoroughly underwritten borrowers, providing a much higher return on your money

In order to protect our lenders we provide market leading threefold protection which includes the Lending Works Shield. The Shield insures against borrower defaults, cybercrime and fraud. No other peer-to-peer lender offers this.

Protecting your money is our highest priority. However, as with all forms of lending your capital is at risk.

How it works

Here at Lending Works we do all of the hard work, so you don't have to. Becoming a lender is simple. Watch our How it Works video here:

To better manage your money, Lending Works includes the following features:

  • Auto-Lend - keeps your money lent out in order to maximise your returns
  • Monthly Top-Up –lend money monthly to quickly grow your account
  • No lending fees - which ensures our lenders receive maximum returns
  • Quick Withdraw – exit your loan contracts early provided a new lender is available to replace you. A small fee applies.

Threefold protection

Protecting your money is our highest priority. However, as with all forms of lending your capital is at risk. Read more about the risks involved and how we manage them by clicking here. In order to protect our lenders we provide unique threefold protection:

1. Meticulous underwriting

Our team is comprised of financial services industry experts who ensure that only the most eligible borrowers are approved utilising the most effective underwriting techniques from the finance industry, including:

Meticulouse underwriting
  • Equifax credit check - to check borrowers' credit score file
  • Affordability check - we check borrowers' income, outgoings, bank accounts and current debt
  • Identity check – we use sophisticated software to verify borrowers' identities
  • CIFAS - we check each borrower against the national CIFAS register to help prevent fraud

People who can get a loan at Lending Works:

  • Have a good payment history
  • Have a long and strong track record
  • Can afford the repayments

We never approve borrowers who have:

  • CCJs against them
  • Poor repayment history
  • Less than 3 years track record
  • Excessive unsecured loans, credit cards or debt

2. Ring-fenced Trust

Ring-fenced Trust

Lenders' money is held within a Trust which is administered by a not-for-profit company. All funds held within this Trust are ring-fenced from the day-to-day operations of Lending Works in a segregated client bank account.

The Trust has an agreement with a back-up services provider who, irrespective of the status of Lending Works, will manage the Trust, collect the debts due and return the money to our lenders.


3. Lending Works Shield

The Shield is a unique feature designed to provide even more protection to our lenders. It consists of two parts:

Lending Works Shield
  1. Reserve fund which is held in the ring-fenced Trust. This protects against borrower default risk and fraud and ensures lenders receive their expected returns.

  2. Insurance policy with a UK-based insurer that protects against extraordinary risks such as a major negative economic event occurring.

For more information about our market leading threefold protection please click here.


Market leading protection

The Shield